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Latest Publications (2020-21) (NAAS Rating>8.0)

  • Malav, L.C., Yadav, K.K., Gupta, N., Kumar, S., Sharma, G.K., Krishnan, S., Rezania, S., Kamyab, H., Pham, Q.B., Yadav, S. and Bhattacharyya, S., (2020). A review on municipal solid waste as a renewable source for waste-to-energy project in India: Current practices, challenges, and future opportunities. Journal of Cleaner Production, 277, p.123227. (NAAS: 13.25)

  • Babu S, Singh R, Yadav D, Rathore SS, Raj R, Avasthe R, Yadav SK, Das A, Yadav V, Yadav B, Shekhawat K, Upadhyay PK, Yadav DK and Singh VK. (2021)Nanofertilizers for agricultural and environmental sustainability. Chemosphere, 292:133451 (NAAS: 11.78)

  • Lagacherie, P., Buis, S., Constantin, J., Dharumarajan, S., Ruiz, L., Sekhar, M. (2021). Evaluating the impact of using digital soil mapping products as input for spatializing a crop model: The case of drainage and maize yield simulated by STICS in the Berambadi catchment (India). Geoderma.(NAAS: 10.85)

  • Moharana, P.C., Jena, R.K., Pradhan, U.K., Nogiya, M., Tailor, B.L., Singh, R.S. and Singh, S.K., (2020). Geostatistical and fuzzy clustering approach for delineation of site-specific management zones and yield-limiting factors in irrigated hot arid environment of India. Precision Agriculture, 21(2), pp.426-448. (NAAS: 10.45)

  • Vasu, D., Karthikeyan, K., Atole, S., Paul, R., Gaikwad, S. S., Humadevi, K., Shabana, S., Neha, G., Roshani, N., Tiwary, P., Chandran, P. 2020. Elucidating the geogenic and pedogenic pathways of formation of soils of Peninsular India – Signatures of past landscape modifications. Catena 198, 105042. (NAAS: 10.33)

  • Vasu, D., Tiwary, G., Sahoo, S., Bash, B., Jangir, A., Naitam, R., Tiwary, P., Karthikeyan, K., Chandran, P. 2021. A minimum data set of soil morphological properties for quantifying soil quality in coastal agroecosystems.Catena 198, 105042(NAAS: 10.33)

  • Yadav, B., Krishnan, P., Shafeeq, P. M., Parihar, C. M., & Aggarwal, P. (2020). Modelling soil thermal regime in wheat using HYDRUS-2D under diversified maize-wheat-mungbean cropping system. Catena, 194, 104765. (NAAS: 10.33)

  • Sandeep, P., Reddy, G.P.O., Jegankumar, R. and Arun Kumar, K.C. (2021). Monitoring of agricultural drought in semi-arid ecosystem of Peninsular India through indices derived from time series CHIRPS and MODIS datasets, Ecological Indicators, Vol. 121, February, 2021.(NAAS: 10.23)

  • Ramamurthy, V., Reddy, G.P.O. and Nirmal Kumar. 2020. Assessment of land suitability for maize (Zea mays L) in semi-arid ecosystem of southern India using integrated AHP and GIS approach. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 179; 105806.(NAAS: 9.86)

  • Dharumarajan, S., Kalaiselvi, B., Lalitha, M., Vasundhara, R., Hegde, R. (2021). Defining fertility management units and land suitability analysis using digital soil mapping approach. Geocarto International.(NAAS: 9.79)

  • Lalitha, M., Dharumarajan, S., Kalaiselvi, B., Shivanand, K., Koyal, A., Kaliraj, S., Hegde, R. (2021). Hydrochemical characterization and groundwater quality in Cauvery deltaic fluvial plains of Southern India. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.(NAAS: 9.06)

  • Dharumarajan, S., Lalitha, M., Gomez, C., Vasundhara, R., Kalaiselvi, B., Hegde, R. (2021). Prediction of soil hydraulic properties using VIS-NIR spectral data in semi- arid region of Northern Karnataka Plateau. Geoderma Regional.(NAAS: 8.67)

  • Dharumarajan, S., Hegde, R., Lalitha, M. (2021). Modelling of soil depth and hydraulic properties at regional level using environmental covariates- A case study in India. Geoderma Regional.(NAAS: 8.67)

  • Dharumarajan, S., Kalaiselvi, B., Suputhra, A., Lalitha, M., Vasundhara, R., Anil Kumar, K.S., Nair, K.M., Hegde, R., Singh, S.K., Lagacherie, P. (2021). Digital soil mapping of soil organic carbon stocks in Western Ghats, South India. Geoderma Regional.(NAAS: 8.67)

  • Gomez, C., Dharumarajan, S., Lagacherie, P., Riotte, J., Ferrant, S., Sekhar, M., Ruiz, L. (2021). Mapping of tank silt application using Sentinel-2 images over the Berambadi catchment (India). Geoderma Regional, e00389(NAAS: 8.67)

  • Lalitha, M., Anil Kumar, K.S., Nair, K.M., Dharumarajan, S., Koyal, A., Shivanand, K., Hegde, R. (2021). Evaluating pedogenesis and soil Atterberg limits for inducing landslides in the Western Ghats, Idukki District of Kerala, South India. Nat Hazards.(NAAS: 8.43)

  • Arun Kumar, K.C., Reddy, G.P.O., Masilamani, P., TurkarS.Y. and Sandeep, P. (2021). Integrated drought monitoring index: A tool to monitor agricultural drought by using time-series datasets of space-based earth observation satellites, Advances in Space Research, 67(1), 298-315.(NAAS: 8.18)

  • Manjare, B.S., Reddy, G.P.O., Kamble, S. (2020). Evaluation of basin morphometric indices and tectonic implications in sedimentary landscape, Central India – A remote sensing and GIS approach, Environmental Earth Sciences, Vol.80(18),Article 659.(NAAS: 8.18)

  • Chandran, P., Vasu, D., Tiwary, P., Karthikeyan, K., Jangir, A., Tiwari, G., Paul, R., Das, K. 2021. Identifying soil quality indicators for two contrasting agro-ecological sub-regions of India.Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science.(NAAS: 8.14)

  • Sharma, R. P., Chattaraj, S., Vasu, D., Karthikeyan, K., Tiwary, P., Naitam, R.K., Dash, B., Tiwari, G., Jangir, A., Daripa, A., Singh, S. K., Anantwar, S. G., Nimkar, A. M. 2020. Spatial variability assessment of soil fertility in black soils of central India using geostatistical modelling. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 67, 876-888.(NAAS: 8.14)

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  • ICAR-NBSS&LUP, RC, Udaipur organizing 15 days “Skill Development Programme for Women Of SC Community on Stitching of Garments for their Livelihood Security” under SCSP Scheme during 13-27 March, 2023.
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Subsequent to the recognition of Soil Survey as a National Priority in 1947, a need was felt for creating a centralized information warehouse to assimilate, verify and disseminate information on the nature, extent and distribution of soils in the country. Consequently, the Government launched All-India Soil Survey Scheme in 1956, which expanded in 1959 as the All-India Soil and Land Use Survey Organization (AIS&LUS)......

In 1969, the AIS&LUS was bifurcated into two wings, one being under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research(ICAR). It was later in 1973 reconstituted as a Directorate through a Presidential Notification. The Directorate was accorded the status of a Bureau in 1976 and was named as National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning (NBSS&LUP) with its Hqrs. at Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is one of the fourteen Natural Resource Management (NRM) institutes of the ICAR entrusted to conduct RD&T activities mainly in soil survey, remote sensing applications, land evaluation and land use planning.

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ICAR-National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning (NBSS&LUP), one among the foremost Natural Resource Management (NRM) institutes of ICAR is mandated to undertake RD&T activities mainly in soil resource inventory and land use planning at different levels. Other important development of RD&T activities ....

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