PME Cell

The PME Cell of the Institute is engaged in the coordination of all scientific activities of the Regional Centres and Divisions. It is also engaged in updating the information for disseminating to the user agencies. The major activities includes :
  • Preparation of Bureau’s periodic reports like –
    • Annual Report of the Institute
    • Finalization of research bulletins and other publications
    • DARE Report/ICAR Annual Report
    • Monthly report for transmission to ICAR
    • Quarterly Report based on Target and Progress as per the ICAR guidelines
    • Six monthly scientists research progress report based on Target and progress by using SPM package.
  • Other Activities –
    • Preparation of scientific documents for the Director for his presentation at national/international seminars, lectures, workshops and meetings organized by the different scientific societies/institutions.
    • Monitoring day-to-day technical/scientific work
    • Monitoring of training programmes at Hqrs. and Regional Centres
    • Monitoring of progress of externally funded projects
    • Collection, storing and dissemination of scientific and technical information on soils to the various institutes as per need/demand
    • Maintenance of scientific/technical files including research projects files (RPFs), Consultancy/NAIP projects files and QRT, RAC, IRC and IMC documents.

Dr. N.G. PatilPr. Scientist & BiodataPMS