Priority Setting, Monitoring and Evaluation Cell (PME)

The PME Cell provides crucial support to Director and the Scientists in the setting research priorities:

       All scientific efforts of the Regional Centers and Divisions are coordinated by the Institute’s PME Cell.

Principal Tasks :

  • Coordination and synthesis of QRT, RAC, IRC, and Council’s recommendations to set the research priorities. To assist the Scientists in writing research proposals, liasoning with funding agencies.
  • Evaluation of ongoing research projects
  • Keeping track of all publications, technological advances, IPRs, consulting engagements, and ongoing projects.
  • Preparation of Bureau’s periodic reports –
    • Annual Report of the Institute
    • DARE /ICAR Annual Report
    • Monthly report for transmission to ICAR
    • Soil survey reports, research bulletins and other publications.

Other Activities

    • Preparation of scientific documents for the Director for his presentation at national/international seminars, lectures, workshops and meetings organized by the different scientific societies/institutions.
    • Collection, storing and dissemination of scientific and technical information on soils as per need/demand.
    • Upkeep of scientific and technical files, including RPFs for study projects and files for QRT, RAC, IRC, and IMC.
    • Monitoring progress of externally funded projects.
Sr.No.NameDesignation Email ID
1Dr. H. BiswasPrincipal Scientist & I/C PME
2Dr. S.S. NimkhedkarChief Tech.
3Dr. A.P. NagarChief Tech.
4Sh. P.S. ButteAsst. Chief Tech.