Background Information In the three-tier IP management in ICAR, various primary activities such as disclosure of IP contemplated or generated, patent/IPR/prior art search, patent/IPR application writing, filing of applications at the concerned granting authorities, pre-grant and post-grant follow up, offering /advertising for commercialization, commercializing, license fee/royalty collection, benefit sharing etc. are to be handled in the Institute level technology management units (ITMU). The ITMU will discharge day to day functions for the management of IPR portfolio and commercialization of IPR enabled ICAR technologies. The decision support system to ITMUs is provided through the Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC). As per the directives of the Nodal Officer for IPR, Western Zone ICAR Institutes, the following committees have been constituted. Constitution of ITMC at NBSS&LUP, Nagpur
  1. Dr. N.G. Patil, Director and Chairman
  2. Heads of Division and Regional Centres, Member
  3. Dr. H. Biswas (PS & Incharge PME), Member
  4. Local IP Expert, Member
  5. Dr. Pramod Tiwary, Member Secretary
Constitution of ITMU at NBSS&LUP, Nagpur
  1. Dr. Pramod Tiwary, Incharge & PI
  2. Dr. Nirmal Kumar, Sr. Scientist (Co-PI)
  3. Dr. D. Vasu, Sr. Scientist (Co-PI)
  4. Dr. Abhay Shirale, Scientist (Co-PI)
Activities During the meetings of ITMC/ITMU, members have discussed the various issues pertaining to the patents and copy rights of the technologies/technique/methodologies developed by NBSS&LUP. As NBSS&LUP is primarily engaged in soil survey and mapping and generation of various soil resource and other thematic maps, the members have stressed to protect soil resource, pH, organic carbon stock and other thematic maps generated and need to be included in the technology development.