Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU)

The main activities of Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU) of NBSS&LUP are maintenance and providing the Internet and Email services, maintenance of Institute Website and Video Conferencing Systems and other computer related works including LAN and systems management in the Institute. AKMU activities also includes periodical updation of Institute Website and Personnel Management Information System Network (PERMISnet).   Maintenance of Local Area Network (LAN) Maintenance of LAN infrastructure in the Institute, includes Server Room CISCO Gigabit SX-LC mini-GBIC with SC-LC fiber patch cord and HP ProCurve-1700-24 port Gigabit Switches – 3 no. and installation of one Hp ProCurve-1700. Laying of UTP Cat-6 cable 305 mtrs, Fixing of communication 6U Rack, Laying of 100 mtrs. Casing & PVC pipe, network project (communication rack), Cable Identification/ Proper SMB, Fixing cable labeling at the front SMB & Jack Panel/Cable dressing. Maintenance of Internet facilities in the Institute NBSS&LUP has recently connected with 100 mbps lease line under National Knowledge Network (NKN) provided by ICAR. The Internet and Email services were available around the clock for the employees of the Institute. At present 85 users are using the Internet and Email services in the institute. Corporate Client System Cyberoam [Unified Threat Management] and Symantec-12.0 MR5 antivirus for the server and 85 users. Cyberoam provided support for three aspect i.e. Antivirus & Antispam, Web & Application filter and Intrusion detection & Prevention (IDP). Symantec-12.0 antivirus for the server and 85 users to support the virus protection for the server as well as end users. Configuration of Server and 85 users in the Cyberoam. Create users of Cyberoam in the server for accessing the internet services, creating user accounts, modification of users account in the server. Maintenance and updation of Institute Website In the year 2010, NBSS&LUP has designed and developed Institute new Website as per the ICAR Guidelines. The Institute website provides overall research activities and achievements of NBSS&LUP and its regional centres. So far, 800 Mb data has been uploaded in the Institute Website. The contents of the Institute Website are periodically updating. The information on training programmes, recruitments of temporary staff, tender notices and other circulars of the institute are periodically uploading in the Institute Website. Around 46,500 users were visited the Institute Website till 31st July 2012. Maintenance of Video Conferencing System The IP based video conferencing system was installed at NBSS&LUP, Nagpur. Under this system, signal receiver at AKMU Unit, Video codec and plasma panel were installed in the committee room, respectively. Under this system, two locations can be connected to see and hear the other end of the communication and site. This installed video conferencing system is using in end-to-end interaction during the important meetings/conferences. Corporate Client System Maintaining and updating of Personnel Management Information System Network (PERMISnet-II) of ICAR at NBSS&LUP, it contains personal, professional and referential attributes of personnel along with information on plan wise cadre strength and institutional parameters for different categories of NBSS&LUP. The information on institute cadre strength and details of individual employees in PERMISnet is periodically updating. As per the provision given, NBSS&LUP provided user name and password to the Regional Centres to update the information in PERMISnet on periodical basis.